App Icon 1.1.2

Release Date

  • iOS: October 16, 2012
  • Android: ?

Release Notes

What's New in Version 1.2.0?

✔ New Halloween content and quests
✔ Studio in the mountain is upgradeable
✔ New mining camp to get iron in the cave
✔ The amount of spawned resources is now proportional to the number of expansions in the forest, mountain or cave.
✔ Fortune Wheel and Dungeon Game now give 1 token at level 2 and 2 flooz at level 3
✔ Change of rules for the dungeon games. The dungeon game gives 1 flooz for 8 consecutive patterns matched, then 1 flooz for 9, 1 at 10 etc... And this is reseted every 24hrs.
✔ All quests with crafted items now require a confirmation from the player to complete.
✔ All buildings in construction could be accelerated via visits, which will save two hours on the construction time.
✔ Masks shop sell real masks
✔ Villagers carry some of the items they just bought from the shops
✔ Missing resources can be bought in flooz in the crafting menu


Theme: Halloween





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