The sun appears in the Seaside Street, supplies Sun Ray. Tap on the sun when it's active.
To find the sun in its "active" state, you must "watch the sunrise." This means you must be on the Seaside Street before the sun first appears in the sky.
Before sunrise, the stars disappear and the sky will turn a vibrant purple/pink/orange. When the dawn sky fades to blue, the sun will appear. At the very moment the sun first appears in the sky, it will appear active (that is, with its eyes open and rays glowing around it), and you may then tap it to receive a sun ray.
If you visit the Seaside Street after sunrise, the sun will always be inactive.
The stars disappear approximately 4 minutes before the sun appears, and the complete day/night cycle takes approximately 11 minutes. (Leaving the Seaside Street or the game may affect this timing, however.)



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