"A nice pad made out of shells - unique characters."


Shell House and Turtle House have common residents.

Skin Colors

Shell House Skin Color 01Shell House Skin Color 02Shell House Skin Color 03


Each of the hairstyles/headgears and clothing has an area filled with a color chosen randomly from the 7-color palette.
(Note: The color variation was added in the version 2.2. The color is not assigned to the residents who arrived before the update. When you change their hairstyles/headgears or clothing on the birthday, the color is assigned.)
The glasses and footwears are the same as the ones that the General Residents wear.

Color Palette

Shell House Palette Styles


Hairstyles and Headgears:

Shell House Male Head xFF00Shell House Male Head xFF01Shell House Male Head xFF02


Shell House Male Body xFF00Shell House Male Body xFF01


Hairstyles and Headgears:

Shell House Female Head xFF00Shell House Female Head xFF01Shell House Female Head xFF02


Shell House Female Body xFF00Shell House Female Body xFF01


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