Icon Quest



Icon Pepin

Hello my good friend! Funny I hardly ever noticed you until now.
What a big purse you have dangling from your leg!

Icon Rufus

Here's all the coin I managed to gather, Pepin!
Did you find me a good place to build my train station?
It needs to be accessible to the street, so that everybody can stress about the time and missing their trains!

Icon Pepin

AH! Well yes.
I have a nice place...
Let's say you can see the street from it.

Icon Rufus

Perfect! Well I better get Billy started then.
I'm sure with enough iron, wood, stone and sweat, he can build us something grandiose!
And I-Beams, lotsa 'dem, we need rails for our trains!
A BOATLOAD of I-BEAMS to craft!
I'm sure Billy will foam at the mouth with joy!

Icon Pepin

And he's gone...
Aah enthusiasm in others.
Makes my back hurt.
Probably should've told Rufus exactly where is the piece of land he just bought from me.
But he looked so happy.
I always say:
never let money keep someone from his dreams,
Pepin is here to remove it for you!

Icon Zoe

Hey old man!
Stop yapping to yourself!
You're getting all weird again!

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