"This 5-story house is a gift if you connect to facebook."
The accent color of the building is chosen at random when it is built.
The skin color of residents is determined when the house is built or upgraded. Changing the accent color of the house does not affect existing residents in the house.

Helping Hand

Main article: Helping Hand
Item Helping Hand
Since Happy Street's update 1.7, you need Helping Hands to upgrade your Friends Hotel, Museum, Modern House, and Seaside Hotel. To get them you have to connect the game to facebook in the «Friends» menu, and send request to your facebook friends who already play the game and are also connected to facebook.
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Main article: General Residents
A general house refers to the Wood Cottage, Modern House, Small Cottage, Small House, Lovely House, Seaside Small House, Seaside House and the SF House, where the general residents live in.
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