A minigame you can build only one. You get one free Lucky Token a day. Lucky Token can also be purchased in the store or crafted in the Workshop. You will always win at least one Flooz every time you play. Due to the fact that the timer is tied to Godzilab's servers, you will unable to get the daily Lucky Token unless you have an internet connection. When the timer for the "Daily Free Token" is completed, all it shows is a blank box.
  • 1x Billy = 1 Flooz
  • 2x Billy = 2 Flooz
  • 3x Apple = 3 Flooz
  • 3x Mushroom = 5 Flooz
  • 3x Fish = 15 Flooz
  • 3x Bell = 50 Flooz (rare/unlikely)
  • 3x Billy = 200 Flooz (extremely rare/unlikely)


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