Icon Quest
  • Availability: Version 1.5.0 or above.
  • Preconditon: Level 18 or above.
  • Given by: Pepin @ Village
  • Objectives: Craft 4x Cut Stone.
  • Reward: 1 Flooz
  • Next Quest: L'Museum 2/6.



Icon Pepin

Billy! Hey Kid! So I had a talk with some of our concerned citizens...
and we believe the community would benefit greatly from-

Icon Billy

Of all the sentences I heard you say, this is by far the most ominous start of them all.

Icon Pepin

ha ha! Yes... well let's tell it how it 'tis, then, kid.
Bunch of prissy concerned citizens wit' heavy purses feel like...
we could use a place where peeps in town could marvel at the wonders of the art world.

Icon Billy

That... that doesn't sound like a bad idea, actually! What's the plan?

Icon Pepin

Well, we need some piece of art, at least. So the town is all artsy and worthy of a museum.
Then leave the coin side of things to good old Pepin, here!
I'm sure if you bring some rocks to Sopica, she'll do us good.
She's all artsy and deep and very good at turning rocks into useless stuff!

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