After visiting the glasses shop, your villagers will be wearing what they purchased. The new glasses will disappear the next time they come out of their house UNLESS they arrived with glasses or you gave them glasses on their birthday. In that case, the change will last until they visit the shop again. If you don't want a particular villager to change glasses, you need to place their house far enough away from the glasses shop that they never visit it (12 spaces should work, but I suggest 14 just to be safe).


Char Glasses x00Char Glasses x01Char Glasses x02Char Glasses x03Char Glasses x04Char Glasses x05Char Glasses x06Char Glasses x07Char Glasses x08Char Glasses x09Char Glasses x0AChar Glasses x0BChar Glasses x0CChar Glasses x0DChar Glasses x0EChar Glasses x0FChar Glasses x10