A general house refers to the Wood Cottage, Modern House, Small Cottage, Small House, Lovely House, Seaside Small House, Seaside House and the SF House, where the general residents live in.
The appearance of residents consists of the parts listed below.

Skin Colors

The skin color of residents is determined when the house is built or upgraded.
The color roughly matches the accent color of the house, with one exception: in case of gray houses, it is rust orange.
The colors may be different than shown in the pictures, may slightly lighter or darker.
Changing the accent color of the house does not affect existing residents in the house.
Possible Colors:
General House Residents Skin Color 01General House Residents Skin Color 02General House Residents Skin Color 03General House Residents Skin Color 04General House Residents Skin Color 05General House Residents Skin Color 06General House Residents Skin Color 07General House Residents Skin Color 08General House Residents Skin Color 09General House Residents Skin Color 10General House Residents Skin Color 11General House Residents Skin Color 12General House Residents Skin Color 13General House Residents Skin Color 14General House Residents Skin Color 15


Eye shapes are common to all animal villagers except the Panda House residents.
Char Eyes x00Char Eyes x01


Snout shapes are common to all animal villagers except the residents of collector's houses.
The shape is chosen at random when the villager arrives, except the 1001 Nights Palace residents.
Char Snout x00Char Snout x01Char Snout x02Char Snout x03Char Snout x04Char Snout x05Char Snout x06Char Snout x07Char Snout x08Char Snout x09Char Snout x0AChar Snout x0BChar Snout x0CChar Snout x0DChar Snout x0EChar Snout x0F


The hairstyles and headgears, glasses, clothing, and footwears are common to all the general residents.
You can change the style of villagers using a Birthday Cake or the clothes crafted in the Tailor Shop (available at level 11).

Hairstyles and Headgears


Type A: The color corresponds to the skin color.
Char Head Type A
Type B: The color is fixed.
Char Head Type B

Men: Type A

Char Head x000100XXChar Head x000101XXChar Head x000102XXChar Head x000103XXChar Head x000104XXChar Head x000105XXChar Head x000106XXChar Head x000107XXChar Head x000108XXChar Head x000109XXChar Head x00010AXXChar Head x00010BXXChar Head x00010CXX

Men: Type B

Char Head x0000FF00Char Head x0000FF01Char Head x0000FF02Char Head x0000FF03Char Head x0000FF04Char Head x0000FF05Char Head x0000FF06Char Head x0000FF07Char Head x0000FF08Char Head x0000FF09Char Head x0000FF0AChar Head x0000FF0BChar Head x0000FF0CChar Head x0000FF0DChar Head x0000FF0EChar Head x0000FF0FChar Head x0000FF10Char Head x0000FF11Char Head x0000FF12Char Head x0000FF13Char Head x0000FF14Char Head x0000FF15Char Head x0000FF16Char Head x0000FF17Char Head x0000FF18Char Head x0000FF19Char Head x0000FF1A

Women: Type A

Char Head x010100XXChar Head x010101XXChar Head x010102XXChar Head x010103XXChar Head x010104XXChar Head x010105XXChar Head x010106XXChar Head x010107XXChar Head x010108XXChar Head x010109XXChar Head x01010AXXChar Head x01010BXX

Women: Type B

Char Head x0100FF00Char Head x0100FF01Char Head x0100FF02Char Head x0100FF03Char Head x0100FF04Char Head x0100FF05Char Head x0100FF06Char Head x0100FF07Char Head x0100FF08Char Head x0100FF09Char Head x0100FF0AChar Head x0100FF0BChar Head x0100FF0CChar Head x0100FF0DChar Head x0100FF0EChar Head x0100FF0FChar Head x0100FF10Char Head x0100FF11Char Head x0100FF12Char Head x0100FF13Char Head x0100FF14Char Head x0100FF15Char Head x0100FF16Char Head x0100FF17Char Head x0100FF18Char Head x0100FF19


The color is chosen at random.


Char General Body M x00FFChar General Body M x01FFChar General Body M x02FFChar General Body M x03FFChar General Body M x04FFChar General Body M x05FFChar General Body M x06FFChar General Body M x07FFChar General Body M x08FFChar General Body M x09FFChar General Body M x0AFFChar General Body M x0BFF


Char General Body F x00FFChar General Body F x01FFChar General Body F x02FFChar General Body F x03FFChar General Body F x04FFChar General Body F x05FFChar General Body F x06FFChar General Body F x07FFChar General Body F x08FFChar General Body F x09FFChar General Body F x0AFF


Char Glasses x00Char Glasses x01Char Glasses x02Char Glasses x03Char Glasses x04Char Glasses x05Char Glasses x06Char Glasses x07Char Glasses x08Char Glasses x09Char Glasses x0AChar Glasses x0BChar Glasses x0CChar Glasses x0DChar Glasses x0EChar Glasses x0FChar Glasses x10


Char Feet x00Char Feet x01Char Feet x02Char Feet x03Char Feet x04Char Feet x05Char Feet x06Char Feet x07Char Feet x08

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