• Fortune Wheel
  • The Dungeon will reward a player with either Flooz or a Lucky Token if the memory game is played successfully before restocking. This can be repeated as often as the building is restocked. When the dungeon is at level 1 it rewards with 1 Flooz. Level 2 gives a Lucky Token which can be converted to Flooz at the Lucky Spin. A level 3 dungeon rewards with 2 Flooz.
  • Adding friends through Facebook or username allows players to earn Flooz by visiting friends and completing actions. Up to 3 Flooz can be earned daily in this way. When visiting more than 3 friends daily, a player will be rewarded with coins thereafter, the amount of coins is based on the player's level. (See also: How To Add Friends)
  • Under the Free Flooz section, players can complete Tapjoy tasks to earn Flooz, ranging from 1 Flooz for downloading a free app to dozens of Flooz for purchasing things such as insurance or magazine subscriptions.