• The more villagers you have in your town, the more coins you will earn. Build as many houses as you can to get as many villagers in your town as possible.
  • If you leave your game open and restock often, you will earn coins much faster than if you only open the game every few hours to restock.


  • Coins can be earned quickly during Fiestas. Before throwing a Fiesta, make sure all of your shops are restocked and wait 'til all of your buses (and taxi stands, if you have any) are ready to call.

Maximum Number of Houses

  • You are only allowed to have a certain number of houses on your street. That number increases as you level up (by approximately one house every two levels). Keep in mind that if you always have the maximum allowed number of houses on your street, you may have to delete one occasionally if you want to build another house right away.

Decorations and the Extra Payout

  • All decorations (except floors) increase the amount of coins that villagers need to spend in a store before it needs to be restocked. They are very helpful because you will not have to restock as often to continue earning coins.

Other Tips

  • While in the forest, collecting crystals and fishing will also give you coins.
  • If you really need Coins and have extra Flooz, you can convert Flooz into Coins. From the menu at the right of your screen, go into your shop and choose the last tab. The Starting conversion price is 16,068 Coins for 1 Flooz, but it increases by a certain amount with every Flooz you convert. You don't need to actually have the next Flooz to see how much it's worth.... you just won't be able to convert it into money.

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