The buildings are only available for purchase during the season. The buildings can be built in both Village (Main Street) and Seaside Street, but you can not transfer the buildings to the other area.


Christmas Tree

The more visits your Christmas Tree gets, the more gifts you will receive. Ask your friends to come visit it, then restock your Christmas Tree by yourself. On December 25th, the gifts will be delivered.
The gifts depend on the level of Christmas Tree.

Gifts 2016

Advent Calendar

"During the Advent Season, get a gift every day, starting December 1st until December 24th."

Daily Gifts 2016

Gifts on the 13th, 15th, and 18th

The gifts depend on the number of pockets you have opened. The numbers are unknown.







Main characters: Billy, Zoe, Dahlia, etc., can NOT wear these clothes.


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