Icon PatrickIcon Quest


The highest prize is Flooz or Lucky Token.




Icon Billy

THAT dart game was way more dangerous than it looked like.
I nearly took out my left eye!

Icon Pepin

Yeah, how you nearly managed that is beyond me.
But hey kid, you'd look great with an eyepatch!
You could take on the seven seas with some boats...
and start a Happy Fleet!

Icon Billy

Billy the Pirate!
Fear my obsessive helpfulness!
Man, this day was fun, old friend.
Thank you for that.
Do you still feel homesick?
Do you want to go back home?
I would understand. I'd miss you. A lot.
But I'd understand.

Icon Pepin

Tell you what, kid:
you're pretty good at darts...
but are you good enough to hit a moving target?
Tell you what, if you can hit the Fortune Wheel prize with a dart...
well I'll tell you about going home.


Icon Billy

Nailed it!
I win!
So... Are you going home?

Icon Pepin

Well I owe you an answer.
This tradition is the most important day of the year for me:
I think of home and everything that I loved there and that I miss.
And you know what, kid?
I'm not homesick.
Right there with all you guys, right here in the Happy Street:
today was the most important day of the year for me,
and I wanted to have it here.
Hence the decoration, the game...
Kid, when you'll be my age...
you'll know home is not the place you're from...
it's where you belong.

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