Daily Gifts 2013

  • 1st: 1x Moonstone
  • 2nd: 1x Bat Tooth
  • 3rd: 1x Lucky Token
  • 4th: 1 Flooz
  • 5th: 1x Pearl of Light
  • 6th: 1x Moonstone
  • 7th: 1 Flooz
  • 8th: 1x Bat Tooth
  • 9th: 1x Lucky Token
  • 10th: 1 Flooz
  • 11th: 2x Moonstone
  • 12th: 1x Bat Tooth
  • 13th: 1x Lucky Token
  • 14th: 2 Flooz
  • 15th: (See below for details)
  • 16th: 1x Lucky Token
  • 17th: (See below for details)
  • 18th: 2 Flooz
  • 19th: (See below for details)
  • 20th: 1x Snow Zoe
  • 21st: 3 Flooz
  • 22nd: XMas Boots
  • 23rd: XMas Jacket
  • 24th: XMas Hat

Gifts on the 15th, 17th, and 19th

The gifts depend on the number of pockets you have opened. The numbers are unknown.
  • 15th: 1x Wood Bucket, 1x Cut Stone, ?x Cut Stone, 2x Sun Ray, or 3x Sun Ray.
  • 17th: 1x Mushroom Soup, 1x Guitar, 1x I-Beam, 1x Beak Fish, or 4,000 Shell Coins.
  • 19th: 1x Cut Moonstone, 1x White Dye, 1x Dragon Idol, 1x Rainbow, or 1x Mega Iron.

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